Michigan to get $75 million more to fight blight

The money announced Wednesday is in addition to $42 million in federal funds recently awarded to Detroit as part of the state’s $74.5 million plan to help homeowners statewide avoid foreclosure and.

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More complete facts and evidence in the cases will be presented at the preliminary examination.. $75 million in Federal Funding to Fight Blight in 12 Michigan Cities . 12 Michigan cities to get Federal Funding to fight Blight . MI Weather.

Michigan was the first state approved for blight funds from the "Hardest Hit Fund" when it was awarded 0 million in June 2013. Last year, Michigan added another $75 million. a little more than.

“Detroit, Flint get more money for blight fight” (The Detroit News, April 4, 2016). Rick Snyder announced approval and said the state will use 75 percent of.. ” Advance Michigan helps to bring millions in investments to Detroit.

According to a report from MLive.com, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority is set to receive $75 million more from the federal government to decrease foreclosures and stabilize.

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$100 million in federal funding is headed to Michigan to help knock down abandoned homes. NBC25’s Walter Smith-Randolph reports from Flint.

Michigan to fight blight in 12 cities using $75M LANSING – Michigan plans to fight blight in 12 cities using $75 million in federal funding, the latest in a series of efforts to deal with vacant.

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Michigan is dedicating 75 percent of the additional $74.5 million it just received to clean up blight and the remaining 25 percent to keep people in their homes with mortgage assistance. This time only two cities get blight assistance. Detroit gets get $41.9 million and Flint $13.9 million.

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Vacant and abandoned properties have long plagued the industrial cities of. These communities face mounting blight and physical deterioration of. County in Michigan and Cook County in Illinois, for example, each have more than 200. 2013.70 In Ohio, the attorney general chose to designate up to $75 million of the.

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